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What's This?


Before you scroll down further, take a guess - what is this?

Did you guess a face?

Scroll down and see the whole picture... how about now?

It's weird how we're wired to know a face when we see one. In the drawing above, it's a bunch of multi-colored splotches. But we make sense of it as a face...

Computers will never touch that capability. But then they will never mistake a strange pattern on a grilled cheese sandwich for the Virgin Mary either.

ETC: After reading the story and sleeping on it, I knew that I'd heard of before. You see, is an Antigua-based online casino. They bought that grilled cheese sandwich off eBay.

But that's not all that they bought from people selling unusual items on eBay:

  • Remember the father who sold his kids' Christmas presents on eBay? bought them.
  • They bought an "authentic" plate from the Titanic from a homeless man.
  • eBay's first "haunted" item, a cane said to be inhabited by a ghost.
  • The ex-wife of baseball's Jeff Bagwell sold 30 days of advertising space on her cleavage to
  • A pregnant woman sold the advertising on her belly to the online casino.
And so on...

Follow the link. They pay less than $100,000 per item and get controversial items that end up in the "Odds and Ends" news around the world. It's relatively free marketing. Genius.

I wonder if they'll buy my art??


Tags: ebay
by Brett Rogers, 2/17/2005 4:34:35 PM