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About Me (Brett Rogers)
Freedomist, Artist, Strategist, Entrepreneur

Strengths: Learner, Strategic, Input, Communication, Activator
(In other words, I'm itching to find the right plan and get things moving.)

I help organizations re-kindle the passion of their people by providing a tool called 247Toolset and by giving strategic advice and direction. My optimism, belief in people, deep IT background, breadth of experience across industries, and creativity help me to help everyone see the organization in new ways.

I have eight awesome kids. I work from home.

I'm kind of a free spirit - very non-routine, spontaneous. My newest and most adored hobby is painting, but you'll find me reading, goofing around with music, biking, and taking pictures.

I groove on long conversation, my family, and using my energies to do something I'm passionate about.

So, I hope you enjoy what's here... I promise to try and make it interesting.

About This Web Site ( was written entirely from scratch. No Blogger, no Moveable Type - I wrote it myself. Why? Well, it's all about creative control, which is so important to me. I want to stretch the bounds and not be contained by the limitations of other tools.