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My Favorite People, Places, and Things



A list of my favorite artists. Here, you'll find colorful, expressive, joyous folk who deserve more recognition.


My favorite bloggers... these are influential and provocative people who will make you think.


I love books! Anyone who knows me knows that I read voraciously. Here's a list of the books that I keep handy and read frequently.


I cherish my friends and I know personally the people on this page. If they have a web site or blog, they're listed here.


Movies are probably the gathering point for every creative talent known to us today. Movies can influence us and change us. This page lists the movies that stuck with me long after I left the experience of watching them.


Helen Keller once said that with sight, we know objects, but with hearing we know people. Music is so important to my life. This is a page of links to my favorite musicians, albums, and other things musical.

Web Sites

If I find it useful on the web, you'll find it here. This is smorgasbord of great links.