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Where's the How-To Video?


If you came here because of Kurt and you want to know where the How To Draw with the LG Phone video is, you can find it here.

And you can find the Advanced Drawing video here.

Happy drawing!

ETC: Went up to Ames today for a business meeting and stopped by my mom's house. She watched Kurt's video and then brought out something I had sketched when I was 17.

Moms keep stuff like that :)

Thanks to AJ, Vanessa, Darwyn, Sarah, MJJ, Kurt, and Elsah from LG and KTLA for a cool experience.


Read the whole story of "Cell Phone Art"
Tags: LG Dare Art | Verizon
by Brett Rogers, 4/23/2009 10:56:27 PM


First the local boy - now the bright lights of LA! Very exciting.



Posted by Jeff (, 4/24/2009 9:25:41 AM

It'll be amazing how quickly 15 minutes goes by... ;)



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 4/24/2009 9:33:00 AM

I lost track of phone art after the first few drawing can out. These are absolutely awesome. Some serious talent around here.



Posted by Scott (, 7/29/2009 4:17:59 PM

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