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Drawn on Franco's Verizon LG Dare Drawing Pad:

Last night, I got an email through YouTube from a guy who caught my video and asked if I could send him the Joker that I did. Then he told me that he did the joker and some other drawings. That's his Iron Man. Sweet!

Franco also drew a Zippo Lighter and used the rainbow tool to get the flame.

I like his graphic novel style. He did a cool guy with a gas mask.

And so we texted each other for a bit last night, as he forwarded his artwork to me, which I've posted to a page here on my web site.

I believe that the Dare is the first of its kind - a cell phone with viral potential.

Earlier this week, I took advantage of the Dare's "draw on a photo" capability and added a bit of humor to a picture I took with my Dare.

Legible writing is hard to do, but there are lots of possibilities...

(You can sign up to have a new drawing sent to you daily by picture message.)


Read the whole story of "Cell Phone Art"
Tags: LG Dare Art | Verizon
by Brett Rogers, 12/11/2008 7:01:08 PM


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