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Star Wars: A Mini-Review

I went and finally saw the new Star Wars movie with my friend, Jackie. My verdict?

Eh... it was okay.

I didn't buy Anakin's conversion to the dark side at all. I wasn't greatly impressed by the overlong fight scene at the end. Lots of cool special effects, but the green-screen acting la Lucas was had all the realism of a Yu Gi Oh cartoon. (Okay, that's a cheap shot and an exaggeration, but Lucas is still the only director I know who can make a good actor like Sam Jackson appear mediocre.)

There was one part of the movie that did grab me. I don't remember the moment, but it was very visceral. I felt a taste of how much some people truly want power... in an evil Kim Jong Il kind of way. It felt quite huge and menacing.

Lucas wants to move into emotive, experimental film-making next. I wish him the best. The Star Wars films are in a class by themselves - an experience more than they are movies. But I'm glad that it's over... even though I saw the first one 57 times in the movie theater the summer that it came out.

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by Brett Rogers, 6/8/2005 12:04:26 AM