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Iowa Caucus Day


I had to run downtown this morning and this being caucus day in Iowa, I have to blog about it.

Obama supporters were out in droves this morning, standing on frigid corners, shivering with their signs held passionately up. That's cool. No other candidate has that going for them.

I personally know a couple of Fred Thompson supporters, but I don't know if they plan to caucus.

I personally know a couple of Ron Paul supporters, and I know for sure that they plan to caucus.

My family and I know other Romney supporters and we're going to caucus. Interestingly, my son had to fly back from Atlanta yesterday and happened to sit next to an important poo-bah in the Romney campaign. How cool is that? We might go to the after-caucus party tonight for a bit, if we're not too tired.

ETC: Tamara, Nick, and I went to the caucus tonight and more people spoke out for Huckabee than anyone else. I didn't speak - those who go aren't there to be persuaded.

Given that Romney fell hard tonight, double-digits behind the Huckster, I find relief in Thompson's third-place finish.

Let's see how New Hampshire shakes out.


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by Brett Rogers, 1/3/2008 12:20:37 PM