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Says Who?


The radio and TV are awash with ads for the uninsured in our country. And it's not just healthcare they're pitching. A new initiative from the AARP, Divided We Fail, says, "We're asking Members of Congress to commit to working in a bipartisan way to provide Americans with actions and answers on health and lifetime financial security." Emphasis mine.

Since when is it the job of Congress to provide actions and answers on "lifetime financial security" for anyone?

Or maybe that's what Hillary means when she says that she wants to take $10 billion away from US industries.

I'm going to take $10 billion away from a lot of these industries, starting with money from the HMOs that are getting too much out of Medicare, starting with the no-bid contracts for Halliburton; starting with the defense industry that needs to be pared down and reined in.

I've been very clear about that. And I intend to implement that.

That from the debate on October 30, 2007.

Since when is that the job of the president of the United States - to take money away from US industry? That's what she would do as president, she promises.

Good lord, that is frightening stuff. My kids' tax rate when they reach middle age will be well over half their income to support all this. I have no respect for the "Me Generation."

So, how did the "Me" generation do for itself? Have the boomers prospered as much as they could have, or did they miss key opportunities to better their nation and their lives?

It depends on whom you ask.

Some experts say the boomers did not plan well for their future, especially their financial futures, relying instead on the whimsy of a historically rosy economic era to carry them along.

"I think they've been baby bummers," says Suze Orman, a personal finance expert and host of her own financial advice television and radio show.

"We are a fascinating generation," she says, admitting that she's a boomer herself. "We're really independent and free-thinking," but from a financial perspective, "we did not save money, and we loved to spend money. Many of (the boomers) were saved by the real estate markets, and their wealth was created for them; they did not create it themselves."

Evidently, others don't either.

It's one thing to borrow money with the intention to pay it back. That at least leans in the direction of responsibility.

But it's something else altogether to have the expectation to pull money from others because you think you deserve it just because you breathe.

Boomers, the AARP, and Hillary Clinton and company don't have any right at all to take money from people. If we allow that to happen, us parents and grandparents will devastate our children financially. It's not their job to take care of us, but that's what we assert by supporting these policies. All that money will have to come from tomorrow's wage earners, since we tax income and not wealth. (Think about that for a bit...)

It's one thing to ask for benefits for children, age 18 and under. It's another to expect for benefits for adults. How utterly selfish of the Me Generation.

Shame on those who desire, support, or push this agenda.


Tags: greed
by Brett Rogers, 10/31/2007 2:11:11 PM