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Running for the Democrat Nomination


This guy gets worse by the day...

Mike Huckabee is so not a Republican. And that's okay, if he doesn't want to be a Republican, but c'mon. Let's not nominate the religious bigot. Maybe he should run on the Holier-Than-Thou ticket.

(Image from Charlotte Conservative News.)

ETC: Actually, I might be onto something. Remember when James Dobson threatened to run a 3rd party candidate if Giuliani got nominated? It's almost as if Huckabee is gunning for either the Passion of the Huckabee turnout, or if that fails, he's setting himself up to be the Christian Right's Golden Boy 3rd party candidate.

Either way, he wins. But if he runs as a straight Republican, he can lose.


Tags: politics
by Brett Rogers, 12/15/2007 2:09:08 PM


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