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Weekend To-Do Items


Another weekend of coding, but this should be the last weekend of coding things not yet written.

My current to-do list, hopefully done before I hit the pillow tonight:

  • How suggest new attributes?
  • Link to get back to index pages - Done
  • Email changed passwords - Done
  • Reject updates - Done
  • Redesign cart
  • Approval of Approval - Done
  • How to Remove Search Terms - Done
  • Link for Reference in case of Junk Mail - Done
  • How to make a generic request
My time earlier in the day was spent with Tamara, driving in the beautiful snowfall to run some errands and do more Christmas shopping.

Bonus points if you can guess who's in my ears this time!

ETC: Added to the list:

  • Add Industry as a category - Done
  • Write a client visits report - Done
  • Add comments for attributes and "Click to see more" when viewed
  • Set up Premium feature to see whited résumés - Done
  • Set up Premium feature to favorite candidates
  • Send email to client to remind them of appointment - Done
  • Set up definition of Strength formula
  • Google Analytics - Done
  • Password resend page - Done
  • Stiffarm search robots at the Conversation Cart - Done
  • Go through all email from demos and see what's missing
It's Sunday morning... time to work!


by Brett Rogers, 12/8/2007 11:02:48 PM


Bonus points, eh? OK, I came across an old Genesis concert just last night on some channel. Not surprising, he wasn't there.

PS. What color is the sun? Depends on how long I stare at it. :p



Posted by Kelly, 12/9/2007 4:00:14 PM


You get the bonus points! And you're right - sometimes the sun can be blue, with a bit of length in one's stare.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 12/9/2007 4:17:03 PM

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