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Thanks Guys


Last night, Tamara and I went to see August Rush, a decent movie. We saw Mike Sansone and his wife, Cindy, there. That was cool!

The theme of the movie was far more important to me than anything else, which was about the feeling of music in everything arond us. In some ways, music has more expression for me than the English language. Said another way, I feel and express things through music that I can't with words. It's the weave of melodies, harmonies, and percussion that speak to me far louder than anything else. It sets the mood. It's like eating the best chocolate. It elevates me and makes my brain smile. My standard mode of intense concentration involves music and headphones - headphones are critical so that I can listen more closely. It's a separate part of my brain that processes the music, and it dovetails well with the linear aspects of programming. Ever since I started programming, music and headphones have been my uniform for work. The combination takes me into a zone where my work is my whole world and I get more accomplished in far less time...

This morning, as I was about to get into coding, I put on my uniform and Rush was to be my aural wallpaper.

Almost 30 years ago I found these guys, and they've accompanied me on many projects, late nights, and puzzles to solve. As I listen to Natural Science from their Permanent Waves album, the grooves they create somehow fit right in with the development of functions and if / then logic and html. Just as yesterday, Peter Gabriel was my grease.

So today I say thanks... glad to be off on my way, hitting the open road with the magic of song at my fingertips, and happy in my solitude. Y'all have been great companions to me. You help me feel like this...

(That, by the way, is a painting by Frank Morrison.)

ETC: In the comments, Kelly advocates for Rush's latest release, Snakes and Arrows, which my son gave me last year for Father's Day. Kelly's right :)

Here's a snippet of my favorite track off the release.


by Brett Rogers, 12/8/2007 12:18:54 PM


/good_memories "on"

If you haven't already, give their (Rush) latest release (Snakes and Arrows) a listen. It's a nice back to their roots disc.



Posted by Kelly, 12/8/2007 1:18:41 PM

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