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I spent a lot of time this weekend working on the big project and getting closer. My partners came back with a logo and I reworked the web site to match the logo. It's coming together well.

This is a collateral effort, but it is not the big project. But here's how it came together...

Two years ago I pitched an idea to a company where I knew the principals pretty well. I'd done business with them before and I like them a lot. Their integrity is well-known and they run a great company. So I pitched the idea and they said, "Hmm... interesting. We'll think about it."

I didn't hear from them for 18 months.

At that time, they asked me to pitch it again. I met for lunch at Legends in downtown Des Moines and went through the model, adding a few new thoughts.

Two months later, they decided to move on it. It would be a significant addition to their current web site, and be a new direction by building on to their existing business model and enhancing it.

We reached an agreement where I don't earn any money unless this makes money for them. I've received no money up front... it's a pure venture for me. They get to try it for no monetary risk. They pay as they go. Which gives me a ton of incentive to make sure it's got everything I can put into it to make it user-friendly and valuable to give people the desire to return to it again and again.

And so, today I'm polishing up the 60% of the web site that's built so that we can preview it for clients. I also built the collateral site, which for now is just a static bookmarker until we release the big project.

This is the eighth company I'm building. About half have done well enough to feed my family while they were in operation. I can't help this sort of thing. It's in my blood. I figure the more at-bats I have, the more likely I am to hit a home run. This is one more time at the plate.

Swing, batter, swing.


by Brett Rogers, 10/28/2007 4:30:38 PM


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