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Glass Ceiling? I Don't Think So...


To pave the way for Iowa to elect Hillary Clinton, I guess someone figured that an article needed to be written to goad us into it.

Iowa is one of only two states - Mississippi is the other - that have never sent a woman to Congress or the governor's mansion.
That may be true, but it's not due to a glass ceiling. Iowa has a greater percentage of women in its statehouse than the US Congress does - by about twice.

Here in Iowa, most of the managers with whom I've worked have been women. In fact, most of the managers where I now work are women, including the president of the company.

If Hillary gets into office, let it be for the fact that she is the best person for the job (she's not), and not for the token that she happens to be a woman. Iowa typically votes Democrat in its choice for president anyway, so I don't know why this article was necessary, but evidently someone thought so.


Tags: politics
by Brett Rogers, 10/11/2007 8:49:03 AM


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