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Green by Example - Or Not


This morning I read of two headlines: one about Leonardo DiCaprio's new environmental movie, 11th Hour - the tagline of which is "Consume Less, Live More" - and a headline about John Edwards' insistance that Americans chuck their SUV's.

Tell you what... when nannyish people like these guys stop buying carbon offsets to support their lavish lifestyle and they start living in a way that shows they take everything they say seriously, I'll believe that they're worth listening to.

Here's Leonardo DiCaprio's house:

So much for consuming less...

And here's John Edwards exiting his SUV at a campaign stop in Texas:

You first, buddy.

I see literally none of these environmetal activists hypocrites living in a truly green way. Do they live off-grid? Nope - not a chance. Do they live chemical-free? Nah - gotta have them well-manicured lawns. And I wonder how much water it takes to keep those lawns all tropical-looking... Do they stop flying gas-guzzling private jets? Oh mercy, no.

Then nothing they preach to us about saving the earth has any weight or significance whatsoever. Tangerine taboos be damned.

ETC: This hilarious take, forwarded to me from my friend, Kelly.


by Brett Rogers, 8/29/2007 10:51:24 AM


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