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Late Night Bike


About a week and a half ago, I took my bike to the shop for its spring tune-up. It needed it big time. I haven't ridden since I fell off my bike in December, so I've been quite anxious to get back on. My herniated back is better and even though I broke my foot, it's bearable - I'm just tired of being immobile.

I picked up the steed at 6 PM and had to wait until later tonight for a ride. I videotaped it. Click on the picture to take a look at about a minute and a half of the ride.

What you see in the video (done with my little Cybershot) is part of my route to work in the mornings, which I will begin again now. I ride down a sidewalk, the video goes black for just a bit as I negotiate a U-turn waiting for a passing motorcycle, and I move into the parking lot of a building with a mid-section that actually looks like R2D2. It's about halfway to work.

The breeze was lovely. The bike in tip-top shape. And the freedom to be moving again on my bike is wonderful. What a great night :)


Tags: biking
by Brett Rogers, 4/4/2005 11:48:46 PM


You goof! You could've gotten yourself killed out there in the dark like that. Cut that out, already.

It was fun to see your shadow on the pavement in the parking lot of the R2D2 building, though. That building always makes me smile; I wonder if the architect realized that the comparison would be made? Anyway, I could see in your shadow that you were holding your camera. Nice touch of added immediacy to your filmmaking. Looks like you're a video artist as well as a still-life one.




Posted by Anonymous, 4/6/2005 12:39:37 AM

I always wondered about the architect and the original owner as well. Was that intentional? That building looks like it was made circa 1980. Could be intentional...

I love riding my bike at night. Glad you enjoyed the video. Later this year, I hope to purchase a Panasonic film camera that can produce documentary-quality video. We'll see then if I can be an artist with film.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 4/6/2005 8:07:34 AM

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