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Listen Well, Part II


I've been blogging on Typepad over at Listen Well. And after a week, I have to say that Typepad is the most search-unfriendly unfriendly platform one could imagine. Evidently, I have more editorial control if I pay more money every month, but that's awfully silly to me. It's not a true web site where I can upload files. It's a writing platform, and that's all.

What's the sense in that? And even at that price, it's quite limited.

Here at beatcanvas, which I wrote myself, I have total control. And here, I have a friendly way to manage my search engine placement, right down to the page title, keywords, and metatags in each post.

Besides, I have readership here, about 100 daily (or so) readers, and about 1,000 who show up sporadically each month.

So unless I find a domain I like where I can host the site, I think I'll skip the extra payments and let the Typepad platform expire. I don't see the value in it.

In the meantime, I'll post the content here beatcanvas.


by Brett Rogers, 6/9/2007 1:58:55 PM


The next step up has the features/benefits you seek. Everybody I work with (including corporate sites that don't yet blog) are on Typepad Pro.



Posted by Mike Sansone, 6/9/2007 2:56:53 PM

Yeah, I figured that they were, but I can't justify the $15/month or $150/year cost. Maybe I'll create Saves me money.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 6/9/2007 3:13:03 PM

Now, you must be on to something because I have noticed that your material always appears at the top of the Central Iowa Bloggers site. Sometimes even when you are not the latest person to post.




Posted by Rush Nigut (, 6/9/2007 7:08:47 PM

I wish you'd expand on this. I think it's interesting that your tags are working so well. I blog on squarespace and like the service, but wonder daily how to drive traffic. I thought I saw that Moveable Type(?) is $50/year, which is a huge savings over what I pay (and I don't have my own URL, that's more), but wonder what the difference will be.



Posted by christi (, 6/22/2007 8:30:19 AM

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