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One of my favorite blogs is the podcast site, iinnovate. They recently did an interview with Carly Fiorina, and I'm listening to it this morning as I work. Great interview.

Here are a couple of things that she said:

"Change is always very difficult. It's always resisted. It's particularly difficult with a large, tradition-bound, old company like HP was. But that's also, frankly, the challenge and the joy of leadership. Because that's what leadership is all about - it's about changing things.

"There is always opposition to change. Some people resist; [successful change happens] because more people embrace the need for change and find common ground."

I love that definition of leadership: Leadership is about changing things. It's not about managing. That's only part of it. Leadership is about vision and direction and inspriing people to perform as needed to arrive at a new destination.

I also love that she said that successful change is not about winning a fight, but about finding more allies than opposition. Where can we agree, and from there, how do we move ahead?

And this:

"If you put the right technology, the right tools, the right capabilities of web 2.0, for example, into the hands of consumers - individuals - then you can accelerate the transformation of industries. That's really exciting. Because I think there are a whole set of industries that are being transformed because the individual, coupled with the right technology, can drive the change."
She gets it. I'll probably buy her book.


by Brett Rogers, 5/24/2007 11:37:31 AM


I really enjoyed reading her book. It helped me get an understanding of Carly before interviewing her.

Thanks for listening to us, and stay tuned!

Min Liu



Posted by Min Liu, 5/25/2007 1:37:31 AM

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