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The Democrat Nominee


At this point in the race to the 2008 election, I really like John Edwards as the Democrat nominee. Between his fee of $55,000 for a speech on poverty, his 28,000 square foot house, his $400 haircuts, and now his idea that we unilaterally move past the war on terror - an idea that terrorists themselves haven't contemplated, especially considering the Fort Dix Six - I think that he's an ideal candidate for the Democrats. Oh, and I forgot that he worked at a hedge fund to learn about poverty.

Last week, Edwards said that he worked for a hedge fund between presidential campaigns to learn about financial markets and their relationship to poverty - and to make money, too.
And it looks like Iowa Democrats approve of his nomination, since he's leading in the polls here. I'd say that's great news. Go Edwards!


by Brett Rogers, 5/23/2007 2:06:29 PM


Yes, he worked at a hedge fund that invested heavily in subprime mortgage backs, which by the way John Edwards has heavily criticized.



Posted by Tony Gallegos, 5/24/2007 5:52:15 PM

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