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The Best Cook in the World


This was dinner last night... chicken and ribs - grilled to perfection and smothered in homemade barbecue sauce.

It's a hell of a thing being married to the best cook in the world. Just sayin'...


by Brett Rogers, 3/26/2007 11:06:40 AM


Ooohhhhh..... It looks WONDERFUL! And why is it hell... go on a low-carb way of eating and you'll be in HEAVEN instead!



Posted by Floral, 3/26/2007 9:13:43 PM

It was wonderful... quite heavenly. Much like Tamara herself.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 3/27/2007 5:48:41 AM


That looks awesome! Looks like your culinary delights are bountiful!



Posted by Tony Gallegos, 3/28/2007 8:19:33 AM

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