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Coming Soon


The redesign is getting closer. You can take a peek at the new look here.

There are a lot of reasons for the redesign. But chiefly, I felt that the look of the site was too busy. I wanted to make it more focused.

I also wanted it more airy and playful. This is, most of all, my playground. I screw around on this site, putting up melodies I hum, pictures I take, thoughts I ponder, and links I like.

I'll be writing more about this later, but I've found that I've been limited by constraints I placed around myself and it pisses me off that I've done that. I've been bound by my own definitions and it's amazing what limits come with that. In a week or so, the site redesign should be complete and when it is, I'll also take down Art By Brett. When I do, I'll tell you why.

Lots going on with me right now, and I feel very good about it. So, off for a bike ride with my beautiful wife on this most gorgeous of days :)

ETC: After the bike ride, some pictures - one of the new bike, a Gary Fisher Zebrano, one of the middle of the Farm Bureau "lake," and one of the north end. And then a quick pencil sketch of the south end.

Very, very windy for a ride, but for the first ride of the year, it felt great.


by Brett Rogers, 3/25/2007 1:51:41 PM



Looking forward to seeing the change, Brett. Enjoy the ride! I was out earlier and it's a beautiful day. :)



Posted by Kelly, 3/25/2007 2:48:19 PM

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