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Two Friends of Mine


Two friends of mine have joined the blogosphere.

The first is Tony, and you can find him here blogging about loan origination. He's got a great voice!

The second is Jeff, who thinks deep thoughts about how to get stuff done and shows every day that no mountain is too large.

Welcome aboard guys!


by Brett Rogers, 3/8/2007 5:20:37 PM


Aw shucks...

Y'know, based on some of our conversations over the past two weeks, I'm thinking about dumping "Plug-n-Pray" in favor of things I'm more personally passionate about (as opposed to professionally passionate about). Plug-n-Pray is a bit too much like work...maybe I'll just turn it into a book like I originally thought!!!



Posted by Jeff K, 3/9/2007 6:16:44 PM

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