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You become a good writer just as you become a good joiner: by planing down your sentences.
-- Anatole France


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Yep, that's a picture of one of our bathrooms. Specifically, I shot a picture of our wastebasket.

When Tamara and I decided to decorate that bathroom, we went to Lowe's and Target and a couple other places and we found nothing really attractive in wastebaskets. The bathroom is painted in a golden orange color with red accents. None of these retailers had anything to offer.

Lowe's was our last stop. Suddenly, Tamara wandered out into the garden area. She started staring at flower pots. And she picked this one:

What a lovely wastebasket!

The elegant solution is not often found in the labels we stick on things. Instead, it's best if we leave the labels behind and unlearn and see a thing for the purpose we need it to be.

Our florist for the wedding did an outstanding job with the most beautiful arrangements well-colored to match Tamara's dress.

The florist was not found in a floral boutique. No, she found the florist at a nearby grocery store.

When she first told me that we were going to the Valley West HyVee to talk flowers, I first thought, "Oh... we're just saving money."

I met David, who very much looks the part of an unassuming grocery store worker. The three of us sat down together in the deli area and David started talking flowers. Within three minutes, I was hooked. Two things occurred to me:

1) I have the most amazing wife who sees things and people without pretense.

2) In my own life, how often do I overlook the right solution because I prejudge?

It's a good lesson to be reminded that things aren't often limited to what they seem.


by Brett Rogers, 2/9/2007 6:01:43 AM


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