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I read Jeff Jarvis this morning and then found this blog, that of an Iraqi blogger who asked other Iraqi bloggers if the war in Iraq was worth it, basically.

I encourage you to read it. It's not a good assessment, but it is a good barometer of the people there.

A commenter in the conversation says that Americans are the real deal - that we fought for our liberty and won it and that, today, the need for liberty runs thick in our blood, so much so that we're willing to give our lives for it.

The Iraqi blogger replies that while that may be true for Americans, it's not true for Iraqis. He quotes the commenter in his reply:

"Americans believe as much in freedom as Muslims believe in Islam and Allah."

I agree. But they can believe in freedom on their lands. Why do they have to impose it on others? YOU CAN’T IMPOSE FREEDOM. Freedom should be adopted by the people, not from other forces from other countries. That’s why you see it did not work in Iraq. I have to say that Iraqis are not fans of freedom and democracy because it proved to them that this freedom is being used by the extremists who are controlling them now.

Bella, here on my site, has been making something of that same argument for a while now in her comments. Hat tip to you, Bella. You might be right. We led the horse to water, but we can't make it drink. If Iraqis aren't willing to fight for their own freedom as we Americans have, then we shouldn't be there.

But on the other hand... I look at Japan and Germany, places where we "instituted" democracy, and it was hell for them at first. Gangs and thugs ruled in places there for a while too. But they eventually became stable and peaceful democracies, and for the betterment of not just their nation, but for the world.

It's an open question whether this will happen in Iraq. It damn well better. But if there are no Iraqi patriots to fight for the future of the country rather than the fattening of their own personal future, then I don't see how it can.

Further, writing that makes me think of my own country, and how frequently our politicians fight not for the future of their country, but for the fattening of their own personal futures (earmarking, cronyism, etc).

Power is such an evil thing. I really hate politicians - simply because power can't be trusted in the hands of those who seek it.


by Brett Rogers, 10/22/2006 8:54:28 AM



You nailed this perfectly about the current politicians and their need for power. Doesn't matter which political party, power corrupts. This screams for the need for term limits. We need politicians who don't want a life of public service. Until we have this, we're screwed. There is no government for the people these days.

Another thought, with our current leadership and main stream media, think back to WWII and 1945. If we had this type of leadership and media, we never drop the bomb. What then happens?

War by it's nature is hell. Trying to fight it in a politically correct manner we'll lose every time. Vietnam taught that, we are seeing that now in Iraq. Either do it to destroy the enemy or don't do it at all. Doing it half-assed, as with anything in life, and you end up failing. Just my opinion.

Side note about Bella. I used to get annoyed with people who thought like that. Now, I think the world would be a better place if more thought like her. And God help us if we all ever start thinking like the "Hawks." Maybe it will take women leading to save where we are heading. :)



Posted by Anonymous, 10/23/2006 10:36:37 PM

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