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I have a few serious problems with the Republican party at the moment.

  • Spend happy nature. Too many Republicans in leadership positions have seemed to think that government spending on their choice, pet projects is a worthy endeavor. The creation of a public database to track earmark spending is now law, but would never have been so if not for the blogosphere on the right and left. And it saw daylight in spite of a "secret hold" by a Senate Republican.
  • Bush's hesitancy to sign into law the Secure Fence Act. This is National Security 101 - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Leaky borders = national security threat. But Bush is hemmin' and hawin'. Um, yeah...
  • I mentioned recently the matter of Rep. Foley and the mishandling of him by House Republican leadership.
If Democrats would be serious and have a real plan to conduct the war on terror, I'd be ready to pull the lever in November for Democrats this time, if only to help give the Republican leadership a vote with my feet and a clear wake up call. Not that I expect Democrats to be any more ethical or principled - I don't. But "conservative leadership," by definition, should be both conservative and leadership, and I'm seeing a very spotty track record in the issues I've raised.

Our leaders in government should:

  • Have zero tolerance for those who break the law, no matter their political stripe.
  • Disallow sexual harassment and the predation of minors.
  • Seek to secure the US from any terrorist threat.
  • Lose the notion of our tax payments being a barrel full of goodies for them to raid.
Duh... as if any of those were arguable at all.

As I watch the Democrat left eat their young (or old, in this case, in the form of Lieberman vs. Lamont) over the war in Iraq, I wonder who exactly does deserve any vote this year. It's all quite infuriating.

ETC: Bush will sign the Secure Fence Act into law later this month. And earmark transparency was signed into law. Pardon my grumbling... I dunno. The Republications have always been shitty with PR, and this just goes further to that point. So let's look at the bright side:

  • Foley was canned and will go through investigation by the House.
  • The Secure Fence Act will be law.
  • Earmarks will be publicly searchable.
  • We're five years after 9/11 without a terrorist attack.
  • The Iraqi people are grateful for the overthrow of Saddam.
  • The economy is very strong and the budget deficit is trimmed nicely.
All good news. Do I trust the Democrats to handle this better? No, I don't.

Again, pardon my grumbling.


by Brett Rogers, 10/9/2006 8:26:31 AM


Yea, I'm having a hard time with both parties. I don't care much for any of the potential canidates either have and since I'm not willing to vote for someone I don't like to show a vote against someone I don't like even more, this may be the first election I don't go to the polls.

Maybe someone wiill rise above the Washington BS (or is that DC? Hard to tell anymore).



Posted by Kelly, 10/9/2006 1:16:35 PM

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