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Never save anything for your next book, because that possible creation may not be properly shaped to hold the thoughts you're working with today. In fiction especially, anything that could happen, should happen.
-- Tam Mossman


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A little more... still rough sketch work. I think I'll do a lot later with my small brush to blend in the petals.

Someone found my web site the other day and saw the first day of my "Faith" painting. Heather commented that she didn't get my painting and thought it looked freaky. It didn't look like faith to her. She's right - at that stage, it certainly didn't. Everything looks kindergarten at first. I probably need to find some way of saying that it's step 1 of 9 steps, or something. I like telling the story, but I need to let people know that it is a story. With an ending, you know.


Read the whole story of "Sunflower"
by Brett Rogers, 8/19/2006 6:20:57 PM


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