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-- Joan Didion


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I love life. Every day is full of surprises and each day I learn so much. It's wonderful and yummy... life makes me want more of it.

I was able to listen to the dreams of two people today. One is an entrepreneur who is successful in his business. It's been a long struggle to get to where he is, but he has 12 employees and he's going through some changes in his business. He's about to re-consider his branding, and his web site, and he's both eager for the possibilities and a bit unsure. He wants to choose the right direction.

We had lunch and though he was weary from the day's business, it's so obvious that he does what he loves. His story is a good one, and he's a good guy. We talked about his marketing and how he could maneuver his marketing to his strengths. I left the conversation excited for him, and I offered to help him in any way that I could.

The second conversation came later with a co-worker over dinner. She's a woman of tremendous gifts who's going through a bit of a re-tooling in her corporate life. She's got a good husband and lots of people around her who believe in her, but incredibly, few of them really know what she wants to truly do. As we talked, she told me what her passion is. I won't tell you, but I will say that it's a very selfless and heartwarming vision. Those who've heard of this in the past have told her that it would never become a living for her. But I heard it, and knowing her abilities and knowing what's possible, I thought that with her energy for this, she could bring it together. I told her that I would be glad to help her as I could in achieving her dream. And upon saying this, she just gushed on for a while about how deeply she wants this during her lifetime. It was beautiful.

Tapping into a person's deepest passions makes listening so completely worthwhile. Helping them see how it could come together and take them further toward their goal is satisfying beyond description.

Now, a funny. I went to work today, and I noticed that I forgot to iron my shirt. I usually don't anyway, but today I looked like I was shot with the wrinkle gun. It just never occurred to me to give it the iron - I didn't notice. I live in my head quite often, thinking of what might be and how to achieve it. I forget that I often look like Columbo.

So as I sat across the table, my co-worker says, "My friend, can I tell you something? I'm a good judge of people, and I think you have quite a future in front of you. You'll be very successful. I know this, and I'm damn good in a casino. Just do me one favor. Press the shirt now and then."

Yeah... I get that often. I need to remember to do that. I'd hate to have my shirt put a damper on my own dreams.


by Brett Rogers, 5/10/2006 11:05:18 PM


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