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Tomorrow, I will call on several retailers with whom I met tonight. Lori, Rich, Patti, Greg, and Jan will all hear from me tomorrow. And I've spoken with a bookstore about carrying my cards. It's a national chain and there's a possibility that they might carry my cards. Lots of good comments from those who saw them.

I pulled back on my heart card. I can do better. I don't disagree with the heart as a card, but I don't like the design I made. I have something better in mind.

The goal: seven retailers by the end of May. I should also have 20 cards by the end of May, although I'm going for 22. The more I talk to people, the more I hear what people like and don't like in a card. "Less people" is a strong trend. And with this being Iowa, I need some Iowa-ish cards. Pigs, cows, farmer/field, tractor, etc. Fair enough. I can do that. So those and the heart card take me to 20.


by Brett Rogers, 5/1/2006 11:43:43 PM


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