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I had to stop by the doctor today and while there, I learned that I'm right at 300 pounds and that in the last year, my blood pressure has gone from 144 / 88 (yikes!) to 118 / 72. That's such a good thing. Obviously, by losing the weight I averted disaster.

I'll be finishing my next painting this weekend, which is titled "Baby Laughter." Or maybe "Laughing Baby." Hmm... actually, as I think about it, I like the title "Giggle" better. It's a close-up of a baby's face just ripe with mirth. We should all look like that more often. Stay tuned - you'll see it as it develops. Haven't started yet, but might later tonight.

Then my golf painting... a close-up of a ball going in the cup. These next two paintings are vertically oriented, which is good, because otherwise my racks will be overloaded with horizontal cards.

Next weekend, I hope to take some photos of a woman with her hair up in a bun. The most frequent comment I've received about Woman At Window is that she has bad hair.

Poor thing.

But I'll alleviate that soon. Nice thing about painting - correction is relatively easy, and I'm feeling more comfortable doing it. The hardest part is matching color.

I usually only work with a few colors as it is, so repeating the combination that got a certain spot of the painting is odd.

Had lunch with a business partner today, John, who is just a great guy. He's an investor in the company I started five years ago. The product I created back then has generated $18,000 in sales in the past two months and we're re-releasing it as a web app later this year, which I'll announce when it's ready. Sales, by the way, were worldwide: Netherlands, Fiji, Asia (don't remember where), and here in the western hemisphere too. The good news: my ownership of 55,000 shares may actually start returning money at the end of 2006 and certainly in 2007. So far, it's been a gimp turkey, limping along, but never give up, eh? That return on investment will go into the purchase of more racks and cards next year and a bit of debt clearance for me.

Good day, this #15,101st day of my life :)


by Brett Rogers, 3/10/2006 10:52:58 PM



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