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Pics from the Past


I went through every picture I own yesterday to find anything I might have that is paint-worthy. Funny how I see picture-taking much differently than I once did. My photography was terrible - poor composition, bad light. I found almost nothing workable. But I did find a couple of fun pictures...

When I used to go to church, we attended Calvary, the big pink church in Charlotte, North Carolina. That's me and the kids on a Sunday morning. And check out me in a suit... I actually still have that suit. I sold the rest. But I'm excited to squeeze back into the suit after the weight loss. That's fun to do with old clothes :)

From about the same period, the boys are wearing my shorts and sweat pants.

Austin and Cub playing in a wading pool in Ames, Iowa.

Kind of a cool texture of cacti in a tray behind a Kmart.

And one last picture. When I was 20 or so, I bought some watercolors to mess around with them and I actually tried a painting, but never finished it. So here it is:

And from that time forward, I didn't touch it again until I turned 40. The rest of the story - well, you know it if you read this web site.

Okay, enough goofing around - back to painting.


by Brett Rogers, 3/5/2006 10:57:33 AM


Do you realize that Cub and Austin are probably about the ages of Nick and Aaron in the picture above it??? Weird. My how time has flown and how our children have grown!!!



Posted by Anonymous, 3/6/2006 12:26:45 AM

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