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Late Night Ride


As I did last year, I recorded a late night ride while Nick was on the computer filling out his Best Buy application to get a job. You can click on the picture to view the three-minute clip.

The ride takes me along Jordan Creek Parkway toward one of the buildings that Wells Fargo uses on Vista Drive.

Tried painting tonight, but frankly, it's the source picture, and that's the last time that I use a source picture that employed a flashbulb. It washes all of the color out and scares away the shadows. The kids and I are unanimous: NOT THIS! I have a wall of shame on my wall behind my computer.

You can see where the painting was going, but it was dull and lifeless and looked like I drew it with a crayon.

Yes, I can paint, but I can also paint poorly. On to the next one...


by Brett Rogers, 3/1/2006 11:10:30 PM


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