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Movie Quiz


Know your movies? Try this...

Name the following movies by the scene depicted. Leave your answer in the comments, but no peeking at others' answers!



















by Brett Rogers, 1/29/2006 2:17:31 AM


Whoo--these are tougher
1 The Pianist
2 Million Dollar Baby
4 Secret Window
5 Spiderman
6 Big Fish
7 hmmm...Platoon or Full Metal Jacket
9 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
10 (guess) Sneakers
11 (big guess) Hitch
15 Lost in Translation
16 (Oh the horror of the Ashton Kutcher movie!) Guess Who.

The rest, I'm mostly clueless on...I'm thinking the Steve Martin one must be fairly old...Man with Two Brains, maybe? Or Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?

So did somebody just get "Scene It?" or what? :-)



Posted by Bella, 1/29/2006 1:22:49 PM

#3 My Cousin Vinnie
#11 is not Hitch but I can't figure out what it is.
#12 Spanglish
#13 Something's gotta give
#14 You're right - Man with two brains.

I can't get a bead on #8. I don't recognize the actor.

This was fun!



Posted by Mary, 1/29/2006 7:17:48 PM

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