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To Fidget and Dance


Tonight was Austin's 2nd grade choir concert, and he got to dance in part of it. I took my little Sony Cybershot and recorded some of the performance. You can view it here.

Just before the show opened, all of the kids, plus Nick's girlfriend, were standing out in the hallway and I told them to stand still for a picture. They didn't know that instead of a still picture, I was recording their every move. So after about 1 minute, they started to get a bit, um, antsy about standing there.

This next clip opens with Austin smacking Nick in the leg for tickling and pestering him. My daughter then wonders, "Dad - you got it?" Because, of course, there has been no flash. So, I ask that they stand there for a bit more, until Austin is floating in mid-air and grabs his sister's shirt for help.

Take a look ;)


Tags: my life
by Brett Rogers, 3/8/2005 1:22:36 AM


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