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One Step Ahead of the Spammers


I wrote recently of spammers' attempts to advertise on my site, and I changed the script to discourage bots from doing this. But amazingly, it still happens, which means that someone is literally coming to my site and pasting the blurb and then leaving. I guess labor is probably cheap in some parts of the world to allow this sort of thing to be profitable.

So last week, I implemented a little tool to allow me to bar certain keywords. And that has helped quite a bit. If they try to paste their web site address now, the comment never registers. Wasted effort.

They do try different domains, but I'm quick about it and the keyword is banned and the comment scrubbed.

What is it to hawk a product that no one wants and you have to resort to such idiot tactics? How do they sleep at night, or tell their kids what they do for a living?

It's why my coming art web site won't allow comments on its blog, as much as I might like such a conversation tool. Flamers and spammers ruin the community...


by Brett Rogers, 1/3/2006 1:54:25 PM


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