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I go with Robert Louis Stevenson, who said that an intelligent reader with imagination can make an 'Iliad' out of a newspaper.
-- Carl Sandburg


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I've been listening to Afro Celt's "Seed" and "Anatomic" albums. Rich, delicious, scrumptious music. They make me smile and burble with joy for life.

Yes, I paint, but if I had to choose between losing my sight and losing my hearing, I'd go with losing my sight. I think it was Helen Keller who said that lost sight affects your relationship with objects, but lost hearing affects your relationship with people. I prefer people.


by Brett Rogers, 11/29/2005 12:24:51 PM



Being a visual and an auditory artist, I'd have to agree with you. Obviously God's grace would be enough for me, should my ears finally fail me (which they very well may, since I already have a mild hearing loss), but I'd certainly have less trouble maintaining relationships if I were blind than if I were deaf... and it's the relationships in my life that give it the figurative "color" and "shape."

For that matter, music, for me, actually HAS color and scent and texture... it is multi-dimensional and encompasses speech patterns, mechanical rhythms and even ambient "noise" as well as what most people call "music." I live immersed in music.



Posted by Anonymous, 11/30/2005 7:24:40 AM

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