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When I stepped from hard manual work to writing, I just stepped from one kind of hard work to another.
-- Sean O'Casey


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I worked on the archives for and got them up and running. You can see them in the left column. Started work on User Profiles, but ended up talking to my teenagers instead - more fun.

I only have a few more items left for Phase 1, and then I'll take a programming hiatus from beatcanvas for a few weeks to work on writing a support software package for a client. (Of course, I'll still post to the blog here...)

I learned today that my consulting contract with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has been extended through June 30, although I suspect that I'll be working there through the rest of the year. It's nice to have steady work.


Read the whole story of "Building My Own Blogger"
by Brett Rogers, 3/4/2005 12:27:11 AM


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