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Finish the Job


I haven't blogged a political post in a while, but I'm excited that Democrat Rep. Murtha's resolution to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq will see a full vote this evening - in fact, about 20 minutes from now.

Say what you will about Iraq, but the people of that country have voted in the millions twice now and obviously believe and support democracy in their lives. To withdraw now would be to leave them pretty much defenseless and cause huge loss of life.

For that reason, they need our support. The rest of the Mideast is starting to move toward democracy as well. They need our support because a democratic Middle East region is in our country's best interest and it's also in the best interest of those who live in those nations and who want a government that represents them and is chosen by them.

So, excellent. Vote away, congress. I look forward to the outcome - that's the only bit of sound bite that I want to hear from those folks. Enough pablum from the podiums and in front of the cameras...

ETC: Huge rejection of Murtha's resolution. The Dems can try to play this off as a political stunt, but it was their own guy who brought forward the resolution and the Republicans simply opted to vote the resolution. Called on their own stunt, the lefties were.

Don't like the war? No problem. But don't mess with the troops in theater and don't leave the Iraqis stranded. It was a stupid resolution.

And Liz Sidoti is every evidence of bias at the Associated Press that anyone might ever need to see to be convinced. She couldn't write a fact-based article or one without her opinion strewn through it to save her life.


by Brett Rogers, 11/18/2005 6:46:12 PM


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