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Rough Sketch


Feeling the urge, I scanned Google images for an image of people in a restaurant and found one. So I set up camp in my bedroom.

I started in with my new brushes, big one first, which I like a lot.

When you first start a painting, you kill the effort if you have any self-consciousness at all because it looks ridiculously 1st grade-ish. At this point, I'm only blocking in basic shapes - but through documenting the process, I can see that I need to be even more rudimentary in my approach. I need a stickmen-like simplicity. I missed the angle of the main guy. Check it out.

And the real thing:

Notice that the real guy leans more to the right. That lean makes him more interesting because there is more movement. Had I gone for stick figures and angles with my initial strokes, I might have caught it and gotten it right.

Obviously, I'm just getting started with this painting, but it's a useful sketch to help me learn what I can and can't do with acrylics. And it's gets me excited for oils...

ETC: I'm stopping for the night.


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