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How Liberals Get Elected


This is typically how it goes for liberals to get elected:

1) Pick some great, but impossible, cause, like "wipe out poverty."
2) Campaign that you will work hard on that and find as many suckers as you can to get elected.
3) Hand it over to bureaucrats, who will inevitably compound the problem.
4) Spam your audience endlessly to get more money in your fight for the cause.
5) Collect money from big corporations who scour for profit opportunities around your cause.
6) Lie to your audience and tell them that progress is being made, but you're in the fight - more money needed!

And then it's time for re-election. Repeat.

The idiots who believe all that claptrap deserve the government they elect - the rest of us just inherit their stupidity if the idiots outnumber those paying attention.

For fun, re-read those steps and insert "free healthcare," "secure retirement," "quality education," or whatever you think sounds sufficiently pie-in-the-sky. If you truly believe that a throwing money and power at a politician will help to achieve any of these lofty goals, then you'll need to come to grips with the fact that you're one of the idiots. You can fix that though... when you stop voting for liberals!


by Brett Rogers, 8/31/2013 7:18:29 AM


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