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Tomorrow, Tea Party groups from around the country are supposed to be protesting at IRS offices.

I haven't received one email about such a thing. I only know about it from Instapundit's site and Limbaugh's radio show.

Rush thinks turnout will be huge. Could be, but I doubt it. For a few reasons:

1) Most of us learned that standing around with signs in our hands doesn't really accomplish anything.
2) "IRS" intimidates people.
3) Again, I haven't had one phone call or email from anyone I know about this.

So the media spin from this will likely be, regardless of turnout:

"Tea Party Fizzle"

Look, if there's a strategic plan of action for defeating this, it ought to be:

- Scour for and report voter fraud. Lean on lawmakers to support anti-fraud measures.
- Find, encourage, and support great candidates.
- Work to reach and educate low-information voters.
- Create a talent registry so that you can find the people you need. (No one is interested in this.)

Standing in front of the IRS office? It won't accomplish anything. Might as well type diatribes into a blog that relatively few people read.


by Brett Rogers, 5/20/2013 12:26:28 PM


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