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For What It's Worth


I'm watching with a mixture of horror and amusement what's happening in the United States. It's all very simple.

You have a president who frankly doesn't care about the laws of the nation. He has an agenda, and he's off to pursue it, legality be damned. He puts the "bully" in bully pulpit, and he aims to bully those who disagree with him.

You have a media that just really likes this guy.

You have comedians who really like this guy.

Both of which mean that the truth about what he's doing and mockery of what he's doing won't happen.

There is a small, but highly informed section of citizens who see what's going on... they disagree with it, but feel pretty powerless to stop it.

The political opposition to the president gets more negative press than the criminality of the president and his administration. They're too scared to do anything about it, and they're figuring that they're better off to just wait it out until 2016.

The bottom line: he's untouchable, and the publicity of his crime is only going to embolden him. He's getting away with it. He's the new OJ, because we have a rather large group of Americans hoping like crazy that he beats the rap.

A scandal is when you walk into the CEO's office and he's boning the secretary during lunch hour. Wrong, but not illegal. To be blunt, these aren't scandals that are taking place. The president and his people aren't telling the truth, under oath, and they're misleading the American people and they're working really, really hard to intimidate those that oppose him. They're using heavy-handed agencies like the IRS to do this. That's crime.

So President Empty Chair says that he didn't know anything. His AG says that he doesn't remember. Nobody knows anything, and at this point, what difference does it make - to quote his former Secretary of State?

All of the conservative commentariat are all bug eyed about this stuff, but they're just gonna belly-ache on their blogs about it and nobody cares. I know because I've reached out to some really big names and all they care about is writing and the web traffic that they generate.

Horror? You betcha.

Amusement? You bet - it's amazing to think that the most powerful country on the face of the earth has been rendered powerless by its political class. Meanwhile, idiots like Rubio run around trying to pass amnesty for millions. That's like buying a new table for the dining room while the house is on fire. There will be a bunch of hearings, but they won't be covered, the truth won't filter out to the public, and people will support Ben Gazi for office in 2014. His name will kind of ring a bell for people, but they won't be able to tell you what he stands for.

Nobody in America cares.

The Tea Party is going to show up and stand around and protest the IRS this week and you know what? It won't make one bit of difference. Voter fraud will still happen in 2014 and 2016 in select areas of the country and nobody will care and we'll get more of the same.

There's a very small contingent of the country that has adopted a "let it burn" attitude. Effectively, they're saying, "If you want totalitarian socialism, have at it." Like Detroit, it will all be bankrupt soon enough, and you know what? No one will care.

But maybe we can all sit around and commiserate with each other on our Obamaphones - at least until they confiscate them.


by Brett Rogers, 5/19/2013 2:54:30 PM


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