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Snoring Cure?


A month ago, I had bronchitis. To help get better, I felt I should get a vaporizer, so I bought a cold humidifier and put it by my bed.

My sinuses have always been kind of screwed up. Not to the point of infection and such, but a mild mess. I can't breathe solely through my nose, and when I sleep, it's mouth agape.

I'm known to snore, sometimes pretty vigorously. Well, Patti tells me that since buying the bedside humidifier, I don't snore.

A couple of nights ago, I forgot to turn it on, and sure enough, I snored loudly.

So if you have a problem snoring, you might want to try this inexpensive solution. It's working for me and I'm better rested when I wake up.


by Brett Rogers, 5/6/2013 9:41:59 AM


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