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I like to play a few games on my phone, as everyone does. I gravitate toward word games.

So it occurs to me: 247Toolset allows our clients to have text message interaction with their web site. What if each client could have their own word game via text message?

After working through the day on a different project, I spent a few hours tweaking the framework so that our clients can create their own Hangman phrases. If their customers/members text GAME to the appropriate place, it will crank up a game of Hangman where you guess one letter at a time until you know the word.

Here's the thing: I have no idea if the market will respond to this or not, but I think this has a few advantages.

1) It allows for a small/mid-sized company to have a little fun with their customers. Not everyone can afford their own app, after all. This is a simple and inexpensive way to get that.

2) Don't have a smart phone? We got you covered.

3) A client can create their own marketing messages via the Hangman phrases. They could even have a phrase a day and people could bring in the solved puzzle as a coupon of sorts.

4) This is kind of ideal for places where you have to wait: doctor's offices, hair salons... the client can use it to inform their audience.

247Toolset sells for $1,200 a year. We just picked up our first cell phone outlet - this might really work for them. I talk to them tomorrow, so I'll show it to them then and see what they think.

ETC: The cell phone store owners love it. They're running with the concept.

What if banks did this? Checkout lines in grocery stores? Lots of places for this kind of thing.


by Brett Rogers, 2/26/2013 11:57:31 PM


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