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I've met my August goal early: I'm now down to 310, which is a drop from 356 last fall, or 46 pounds in a year. Hoo wah...

My 4XLT shirts are all baggy now, and my belt needed a tighter notch. I'm holding off on the purchase of new clothes until my birthday in November (happy birthday to me). By that time, I should be around 280-290, which I haven't been at for 6 years. Of course, the ultimate goal is to get back to 210 or so, which I haven't seen since 1988.

My secret to weight-loss success is basically a whole foods approach:

  • No refined sugar
  • Little or no processed foods
  • Not much pasta or bread
I don't count calories and I don't really watch my portion sizes. I do exercise daily, which is usually just bicycling to work and back (about 3 miles total) and walking for about a mile every other day.

Do I love the scale? These days, why yes, of course :)


by Brett Rogers, 8/23/2005 8:21:44 AM


you get my special cheer:

Way to go Brett, Way to go whoo, hoo!



Posted by shoegirl, 8/23/2005 3:04:46 PM

Good news.



Posted by David, 8/29/2005 7:50:58 AM

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