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Maine Shore


I finished my little sketch.

Whenever I spend quite a bit of time away from painting, it's like I forget how. Then it comes back to me. I like the rock on the right and the water draining off it. It took, like, 2 minutes to do that and it was done near the end of the work. The rest took a lot longer.

Here's a closer view:

But I feel as though I'm ready to paint a lot. Let's hope. I want to have about 20 works for the fair next year.

I'm totally in love with my new setup. In spite of the fact that I bought the drafting table in June, this is the first work that I've done on it - and it's August fercryingoutloud! Also, love the lamp with the magnifying glass. But I need one more lamp - bigger, taller.

ETC: Next stop, the 8 x 10 version of this. I'll be working on the value sketch in a day or so. I had some trouble with the grassy rocks under the house and to the left of it, so I hope to begin to work that out in the sketch.


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by Brett Rogers, 8/21/2005 10:08:28 PM


Wow, Brett, that's beautiful! Nice work.



Posted by GradualDazzle, 8/21/2005 10:15:52 PM

Thank you, Kris :)



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 8/22/2005 10:26:59 PM

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