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-- Edmund Burke

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I'm proud of the Republican party.

Two days ago, a doofus from Missouri - an engineer by trade - said the stupidest thing. And resoundingly, the Republican party, with the exception of a few other doofi, condemned his remarks and told him to leave his candidacy behind him.

Why? Because the Republicans have standards.

Where Todd Akin said something stupid about rape, here's a man actually accused - by more than one woman - of attempted rape.

Further, he cheated on his wife, and rather publicly.

Condemned by his party? No way. He's a hero. He's the keynote speaker at this year's Democrat convention.

Anthony Weiner.
Ted Kennedy.
Eliot Spitzer.
Al Gore.

Were any of these guys ever told they were not welcome and couldn't run for office? With the exception of John Edwards, no Democrat ever pays a price for being an idiot.

Maxine Waters famously asked the scientists at NASA if the Mars rover could travel over to the flag left by the astronauts. Penalty? No way. Joe Biden's "chains" remarks? What's the problem with that, the White House asks.

No standards. In fact, Anthony Weiner is considering a run for New York mayor now. And he's being taken seriously.

Todd Akin, on the other hand, won't be able to run for garbage collector. Why? Standards. When a Republican acts like an idiot, he's generally not welcome back in.

Trent Lott.
Mark Sanford.
Mark Foley.

Good riddance.

Politicians, on both sides of the aisle, are human - full of bias and misinformation. Why in the world would anyone trust their lives and the decisions that affect their future to those in government? They're not smarter. They're not better. They're just elected in what is usually a race of two.

Nobody should trust that politicians will do the right thing. Therefore, their power should be limited. Severely. Which is why the country started out with that concept - limited government.

Wanting bigger government is just a recipe for stupidity writ large across the lives of Americans subjected to the dumb actions of politicians who aren't smarter than you.

Who would want that? And why would anyone vote for that?

by Brett Rogers, 8/22/2012 10:04:41 PM


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