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Shopping for Blogware


I've started a hunt to replace the blogging backbone of BeatCanvas. Cool that I created my own, I suppose, but I'm moving away from programming, and so I'll look for the work of someone else to replace mine.

My first choice thus far is Moveable Type. I want mine to be commercially capable, and MT comes with a commercial license.

I'm also familiar with WordPress. But it's free. I'm probably weird this way, but I'm leery of free things. And I don't see any built-in support for images. (Not that I need that kind of support for myself, but if I extend the site to make it available to other authors, that would be important.)

So, if you have an opinion/thoughts about this, you can email me (top-right of the page) or comment here.

ETC: Reading around, I've become impressed with ExpressionEngine. I'm signing up for a trial...


by Brett Rogers, 8/20/2005 2:26:39 PM


Most of the big boys, it seems, use MT, which speaks volumes to me.

Let me know how Expression Engine works for you. I'm doing some considering as well.



Posted by GradualDazzle, 8/21/2005 10:19:31 PM

I'm weighing my options. One huge caveat to MT is that it limits users, no matter what size license I buy. Why can't I pay for an unlimited commercial license?



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 8/22/2005 7:09:18 AM

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