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This past week, we released the projects web site that I've spent the last two months building at Wells. There is still work to do, but the site has been very well received and surpassed the expectations of many who said that such a large web site could not be built in such a short time. Woo hoo!

This past week also turned out to be my largest work week yet, but Nick and Aaron have now returned from their time with their Mom and with the project released, I'll be scaling back. It was fun, though...

The work also brought me a job offer now officially made. That's flattering, but I may have a second offer in the next week and so I'm waiting to hear of that before deciding what to do. I'll definitely take one of the offers. Wells is a good company and I like the people and the environment. Lots of opportunity. Time to set in some roots.

It's also time to set aside my developer hat. Programming is an occupation where I can create something new every day that I work, which makes it very exciting for me. I love that. I've been a programmer for 12 terrific years, and I'm good at it. But it's time to move into something else and grow myself in a different direction. For many reasons, I think now is exactly the right time for that to happen.

So... this evening Austin and Jacob come on over to spend the night and we'll go romp around at a park tomorrow. Then Jacob gets to celebrate his birthday - twice in one week! - because Nick and Aaron weren't able to be here for the first party. Cub's in heaven about it already, I know. Bari is making him a cake of her own design (which she's good at).

Life is returning to normal after a nutty summer of mostly work for me. Once again, I'm surrounded by my kids and working a regular week, grilling chicken on the patio, and looking forward to a bit of art. Oh, and Nick has informed me that he wants to learn to paint.

Wonderful :)


Tags: my life
by Brett Rogers, 8/19/2005 6:14:48 PM


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