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Obviously, the Tea Party is Dead


Remember how the media and every liberal on planet crowed about the supreme ineffectiveness of the Tea Party, that neophyte bunch of loosely-organized people? Well, the Tea Party just handed Wisconsin's unions and liberals their collective asses on a plate. So much for superior organization...

Who knew being dead could lead to so nearly a double-digit victory in a blue state?

Just wait till November.

P.S. The key to victory? Fiscal responsibility. That's the big takeaway here. Not government handouts. Not entitlements. Just plain old fiscal responsibility.

Thank you, Gov. Walker, who will likely be president one day, and likely win that one too.

ETC: From Ed Morrissey, who comments on the one small win for the Democrats in Wisconsin, a Senate seat:

The Wisconsin Senate will be out of session until 2013. In November, 16 of the 33 seats will be up for grabs, and thanks to the redistricting that will be in place for the first time in that election, Republicans are supposed to pick up at least two seats. The unions spent millions of dollars and over a year's worth of effort to get a temporary one-seat majority in a chamber that will never meet in session. And that's assuming that their lone win from last night holds up in a recount. Congratulations, Big Labor!

My grandfather was a union steward and he hated management and was not shy about his feeling on or off the job. Oddly, then he wondered why it was difficult for him to get hired and stay on the job. I never understood that. Labor should partner with management - for the good of labor.

Thankfully, union members in Wisconsin are opting out of the union and dues revenue has dropped considerably. Likewise, pension reform passed in, of all places, California. Why? Because it's hard to feel sorry for people in the public sector.

Voters like Howard Delano of Willow Glen were tired of watching their city shovel more and more tax money into government pensions far more generous than their own retirement.

"It's out of control," Delano, 60, said after dropping off his ballot. "Nobody gives me a pension."

Who in their right mind would feel sorry for these people? The public sector tends to have better benefit plans, competitive pay scales, and they don't have to contribute as much to their retirement as do the people who are taxed to provide these outrageous pensions. The rest of us have to earn and scrimp and save, and have to do so in an environment where being laid off is far more of a risk.

Really - public unions don't deserve sympathy, and Wisconsin showed that in a big way. Good night, labor.


by Brett Rogers, 6/5/2012 11:29:03 PM


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