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The Whole Gay Marriage Thing


Gay marriage is a human rights issue, no question. All the "small government" types out there who want to use the government to ban gay marriage - you're a hypocrite. If a definition of freedom is that you get to make your own choices in life so long as you don't step on the choices of others, then gay marriage is a picture perfect example of that.

Good for Obama for speaking out in favor of it.

The reason he did it is to raise money, pure and simple. Anybody who thinks otherwise hasn't watched the man in action. He's fundraising machine. It's pretty much all he does - other than vacation and play golf. But that's about it.

All of that said, I measure all of this by: which is most hurting my children?

Is it the fact that, should one of my children come out of the closet, they won't be able to be licensed to marry by the government? Or is it the $15 trillion in federal debt?

Clearly, without any question at all, the answer is: debt.

Therefore, big whoop. The man is still bankrupting my kids' future. I don't care if he personally CPR's 100 people back to life. He's still bankrupting my kids. And your kids.

That's what matters.


by Brett Rogers, 5/10/2012 8:51:43 PM


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