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The Art of Bias


I give you three headlines for the same story.

First, from the Washington Post:

Republican-run House easily rejects Obama budget as chamber moves toward approving GOP plan

Reading that, why it's those Republicans frustrating our dear president again - darn them. They just want their own plan.

Now, forget the first headline and here it is from Fox News:

House easily rejects Obama budget in tactical vote

Reading that, the House of Representatives rejects Obama's budget. No finger-pointing at Republicans.

Okay... now another source, this time from the Oklahoman.

Obama budget fails 414-0 as Democrats bail

Forget the first two headlines... not one member of the House of Representatives voted for Obama's budget. All Republicans and all Democrats voted against it.

So read once more the headline from the Washington Post. That, my friend, is pure bias. That is spin. The article's source is the Associated Press, which is the source of news for thousands of outlets.

If you ever wondered why conservatives increasingly ignore major TV and print media, this is why. The Washington Post / Associated Press didn't give the truth. Not even close. In fact, they misrepresented the story.


by Brett Rogers, 3/29/2012 6:42:32 AM


It's only bias if it goes against the liberal narrative.
It's only oppression if it hurts someone with less wealth.
It's only sexism if it hurts a woman.
It's only racism if it hurts someone darker.
It's only fascism if it's a conservative.



Posted by Jonathan, 3/31/2012 9:41:51 PM

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